Leamington’s population is increasing and so is the number of road users. Some of its roads are wide boulevards while others are narrow carriageways with no means of widening due to the Architectural nature of a heritage spa town. Air quality is worsening at certain points in the town due to traffic hold ups and engine idling. More people use bikes to get around town and more would like to but a lack of joined up and poorly defined cycle routes currently prevents this happening successfully. Bus routes are being cut due to poor viability on some routes.

How can people best get from A to B in Leamington? How well signposted and welcoming is out town for visitors?

In this theme, we considered:

  • Road infrastructure
  • Car parking
  • Public transport
  • Congestion and air quality
  • Pinch points and hazard spots
  • Cycle routes
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Traffic management

Active groups



Inland Waterways

Canal & Rivers Trust

Leamington Community Canal Group

Clean Air Leamington