The Local Plan (LP) is produced by Warwick District Council planning department and sets out policies and proposals that will be used to guide decisions and investment on development and regeneration in this area. The LP is based on up to date and relevant evidence about the economic, social and environmental aspects of the area.

The LP also sets out how and where homes, jobs, community facilities, shops and infrastructure will be delivered in Leamington Spa and it identifies land to be protected from development. It is important because it is the governing document about how the town should look and feel, guiding new developments to the right locations. LPs recognise the contribution Neighbourhood Plans can make in assisting with this process.

The LP is the starting point for considering whether planning applications can be approved. The Neighbourhood Plan has now become an integral part of the LP. Following the inspector’s recommended modifications, the new Local Plan for Warwick District was adopted by Warwick District Council in September 2017.