Attached below are minutes for the steering group of the Leamington Spa Neighbourhood Plan.

October 11th 2016Steering Group notes 11-10-16
November 24th 2016Steering Group notes 24-11-16
February 14th 2017Steering Group notes 14-02-17
March 21st 2017Steering Group notes 21-03-17
May 16th 2017Steering Group notes 16-05-17
June 20th 2017Steering Group notes 20-06-17
September 12th 2017Steering Group notes 12.09.17
October 17th 2017Steering Group notes 17.10.17
November 21st 2017Steering Group notes 21.11.17
April 18th 2018Steering Group notes 18.04.18
May 15th 2018Steering Group notes 15.05.18
June 10th 2018Steering Group Workshop notes - 10.06.18
July 17th 2018Steering Group notes 17.07.18
September 18th 2018Steering Group notes 18.09.18
November 20th 2018Steering Group Mins 20.11.18
January 15th 2019Steering Group Mins 15.01.19
March 19th 2019Steering Group Mins 19.03.19
May 14th 2019Steering Group Mins 14.05.19
September 10th 2019Steering Group Mins 10.9.19
October 15th 2019Steering Group minutes 15.10.19
November 12th 2019Steering Group minutes 12.11.19
February 25th 2020Steering Group minutes 25.02.20