Final version of the Plan: RLS NDP 26.06.20
Video: Leamington Referendum

A Vote for the Plan will help protect 28 parks and green spaces from future development, support a robust, accessible and sympathetic Creative Quarter redevelopment, promote higher housing design standards, encourage appropriate brownfield usage, support the use of sustainable travel and help protect our existing community facilities.


A total of 50% plus one Yes Votes are needed of the total number of people who vote to enable the Plan to pass referendum. When that happens, hopefully, the District Council then has to “make” the Plan at the earliest opportunity so it becomes part of the Local Plan and must be taken into consideration for all future planning application in Leamington.


The Town Council’s share of the Community Infrastructure Levy from developers will also rise from 15 to 25% on adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan. This will enable the Town Council to make useful contributions to much needed infrastructure improvements or fund other projects named in the Plan.



Summary of Plan:RLSNP Referendum Summary

Timetable of Proceedings for Referendum: Timetable for Neighbourhood Planning Referendum 2021

Information Statement for Voters: Statement of Information- Royal Leamington Spa

Notice of Referendum: Notice Of Referendum Royal Leamington Spa

The post-examination version of the Plan is here: RLS NDP 26.06.20

The Policies Map to accompany this version is here: RLS Policies Map 26.06.20

Poster: NP Referendum

It was not possible to hold a referendum in 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions. A date has now been set for the Referendum to go ahead on Thursday 6th May 2021 and anyone who is registered to vote in Leamington Spa will be able to vote in the referendum.

To find out how to make sure you are able to take part in this important vote for the future of Leamington, please click here: